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gone girl: the creepiest thriller i've read in a while

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

ok, so maybe i'm the last person on the planet to read this, but i'm a before or after-the-hype kind of reader anyway. so this book was good. like, i can't put it down good. like there-is-a-horrible-car-crash-and-i-can't-look-away good. because, i mean this book has one of the most frightening antagonists i have ever read. i won't name any names (for the sake of that one other person who hasn't read it), but one of these characters is crazy, and i don't think an author has ever placed me in the head of a sociopath quite as skillfully or as fully as Flynn. this character made my skin crawl, and it was awesome and awful. 


Flynn's a great writer, but that ending. that ending. i didn't hate that ending, but i didn't feel completely satisfied by it either. i know how i would have wanted it to end - the antagonist is poetically brought down by their own arrogance and self-conceit - but alas, Flynn had other ideas and it's her story and her prerogative. so, c'est la vie. i'd read it again (if i had the time), and i'd definitely recommend it. it's an experience, albeit one that might leave you shuddering in psychological disgust days after you've finished it.


now. finally, i get to watch the movie.