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The Flight of the Silvers - Daniel Price

so, at 594 pages, this is a door-stop of a hardback book, and i still have a long way to go. but last night, as i (finally) finished Annihilation, i thought about how poorly Annihilation compared to this novel. it struck me that Annihilation is a kind of horror/sci fi novel that failed to frighten or disturb me in the slightest, although i think it's clear that was at least part of what Vandemeer was trying to do. 


The Flight of the Silvers, on the other hand, has thus far had very little to do with horror or creepiness. and yet there's an event in the beginning of The Flight of Silvers that i found so utterly terrifying that it gave me nightmares - and i really do mean that in the plural sense. i obviously can't recommend the novel yet, but i would definitely recommend the first 70 pages if you want to see what an apocalypse that happens in the span of a few hours looks like. it's riveting stuff.