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The Rook  - Daniel O'Malley

this is my third try with this book, and i'm determined to make it through this time. now, i am by no means a "die hard" finisher of books. but this just happens to fall into that category of books that, while not quite as enjoyable as i'd hoped it would be, it's intriguing enough for me to keep reading.


part of the problem is, i think, the the main character. a lot of interesting (and plain freaky) things are going in the heroine's world, and she's, frankly, the least interesting aspect of it all. i guess a gal with no memories is bound to have a few personality issues (or even a lack thereof). but seeing as how the novel is told from her POV, it doesn't make, for this reader, a very engrossing experience. i'm afraid that if it weren't for the other interesting (and plan freaky) things going on in the novel, this would've been a "((shrug)) i'm sorry, but we must part ways" type of read.


also, i have to say that this is one of two books that i'm currently reading which has been described by readers and reviewers as "hilarious", and i'm just not getting it. the heroine is occasionally witty, but it's really nothing i haven't seen before. nothing at all thus far has inspired a half-hearted chuckle, or even a measly "hrrumph." and now that i've finished talking about all the reasons why this book isn't living up to its hype for me, i'm going to get back to it. because of the interesting (and plain freaky) things, of course.